Best Nudist Beaches on the Barcelona Coastlines

Whether you’re a real naturist looking to explore this area in all its splendour, or you want to get rid of those tan lines, there are plenty of beaches in the northeast of Spain, including Barcelona, where you may strip down to your birthday suit.

The nudist beaches in Barcelona and its environs are just what you need to get you through the rest hot weather. After each new heat wave, most people daydream of spending these long summer days at the beach, where they can swim in the waves and get some much-needed relief from the oppressive heat.

Since Catalonia is a relatively tolerant area, the city of Barcelona is home to several beaches that are exclusively reserved for nudists. Here are some of the top nudist beaches in Barcelona and their surroundings.

Whether you’re a seasoned nudist or just looking to try out some new spots this summer, you can find exactly what you’re looking for here.


List of Barcelona nude beach

Mar bella beach Barcelona, The most famous nudist beach in barcelona

nude beach mar bella
nova mar bella beach

After the local authorities implemented the nudity prohibition, Mar Bella Beach quickly became Barcelona’s most popular nudist beach. This Barcelona nude beach is one of seven that together make up the 4.5-kilometre length of sand Barcelona offers.

Mar Bella beach is located in a cool place which offers a decent amount of privacy. The visitors of this nude beach are shielded from prying eyes by the dunes in the background and the rocks that line the edges of the beach. Also, the LGBTQ community is welcome here.

The modest nudist area of the beach is open to anybody who wishes to visit. However, not everyone on the beach will be naked. At this Barcelona nude beach, just like any other in Barcelona, there are chiringuitos or beach bars, where visitors can get a drink, showers and restrooms.

Playa de Sant Sebastià, best beaches in barcelona

nude beach san sebastia
barcelona topless beach

The beautiful Sant Sebastià beach is close to the port and directly at the foot of the well-known Hotel W. In addition to being within easy walking distance of the city’s main part, it has more than a kilometre’s worth of beach and oceanfront.

A stunning panorama of the whole coastline of Barceloneta, all the way down to the Olympic Port district, can be seen from this vantage point.

Even though nudism is legal on this key beach, it has been far less popular in recent years due to developments that have taken place in the surrounding region. Despite this, it is still considered one of Barcelona’s best urban nude beaches, right up there with Platja de la Mar Bella.

Additionally, there is a stretch of this beach known as an unauthorised nudist beach in Barcelona and its surroundings. This Barcelona nude beach is the primary official homosexual beach in Barcelona.

Playa Illa Roja

This famous nudist beach is recognised worldwide for its jagged hillside terrain and stunning seas that are deep blue and red rock formations. As is to be anticipated of any beach along the Costa Brava, the scenery around Playa Illa Roja is breathtaking. The cove is encircled on all sides by tall rock walls that conceal beautiful dunes and a solitary snack shop inside their confines.

The beach has a serene atmosphere thanks to the absence of visitors and the sound of stillness. The fact that the only way to reach it is through a route that winds through the woods adds to the allure of its secluded location. Visitors need to remember that the cove, which is bordered by rocks, provides fewer hours for tanning.

Cala de Sa Boadella

nude beach near barcelona

Another breathtaking stretch of the Costa Brava, Cala de Sa Boadella, is known as Lloret de Mar’s “virgin beach.” The beach is undeveloped and is concealed from view by hills and trees that are a vivid shade of green.

Between Santa Clotilde Gardens and Santa Cristina Beach is where you’ll find this stunning pine forest that you walk through to get there. The waters are brilliant blue, and they are rather shallow within the first several metres.

Snorkelling and kayaking are two activities that are perfect for this beach. Natural caverns are plentiful in the region of Costa Brava, particularly farther out into its seas. A portion of the beach is open to nudists, although the whole beach is not nudist.

Playa del Torn

Nude beach near Barcelona

This beautiful beach is only accessible by rail from Barcelona, and it features solitude on its sandy sands and in the deep blue seas surrounding it. This Barcelona nude beach is located on Costa Dorada, and L’Hospitalet de l’Infant is nearest town.

This beach is in a peaceful area with only one bar for refreshments. Playa del Torn is rated highly on most travel sites and has many positive reviews, all of which extol the beach’s quietness and praise its impeccable cleanliness. The views of the rolling green hills and rocky ledges behind the beach contrast the calm blue waves of the Mediterranean.

Playa de las Balmins

nude beach balmins
barcelona beaches where can

This beach extends beyond the main part of Sitges town and is divided into three stunning inlets with the azure sea. This beach can be reached by taking a short walk, and it also provides 240 metres of space where visitors are allowed to be as naked as they choose, in addition to a beach bar, umbrellas and showers.

Those who desire to strip down to their underwear may do so privately inside the secluded coves guarded on each side by rocks.

This location, like most of Sitges, is quite welcoming to those who identify as LGBTQ, and it attracts a youthful audience. Both the beach and Sitges are readily accessible on foot, and Barcelona can be reached from Sitges in a matter of minutes by rail.

Cala Morisca

nude beach morisca
barcelona gaypopular nudist

Sitges is home to a secret nudist beach that offers a cosy atmosphere and is tucked away behind the cliffs of El Garraf. Those looking to get away from the noise and bustle of tourists will find this nudist beach ideal. Once again, the only way to get there is by automobile, which is the only choice and is very pricey considering it’s the only.

This beach is also known for its crystal blue waters and restaurant that provides sun loungers and showers for guests.

Cala Estreta

nude beach cala estreta
best barcelona nude beaches

The Cala Estreta is located in the Catalonia section of the Costa Brava on the Spanish mainland. Even if it has a bit of a grain to it, the sand has a stunning golden colour. This beach is based in a secluded area and is used nearly only by nudists due to its distant location.

In this place, nudism is not the only kind of swimming attire. Rather, it is normal to see people swimming in bathing suits or even fully clothed since it is not very big and encircled by rocks and forests.

Even though it takes around half an hour to walk there, the place is normally extremely crowded when the peak season is in effect. Sailing there as a tourist is a unique experience, but it is not unheard of.

On the road to Palamós from Calella de Palafrugell, you can get to Cala Estreta by following the coastal walk. Since there are no amenities at the beach, you should travel to Palamos once you have finished working on your all-over tan to eat a delectable seafood meal.

Playa de L’Home Mort

home mort barcelona beach
ultimate naturist beaches in barcelona

Playa de L’Home Mortis, situated in Sitges and considered one of the city’s nude beaches, has a unique distinction in that it was the first homosexual nudist beach in the whole globe. Those who value their solitude will find this little cove to be ideal.

Playa de L’Home Mortis is easy to access by vehicle, but if you want to include some exercise in your vacation to the beach, it is on the hiking trail that goes from Sitges to Vilanova.

This beach is a paradise that has not been tainted in any way, and as a result, you should be very careful to take all of your trash back with you when you leave.

Extra Nude Beach in Mallorca, Es Trenc Beach

nude beach in mallorca

In the southern part of Mallorca, you’ll find the picture-perfect Es Trenc Beach. The picture-perfect scene of a powdery white beach and turquoise sea seems to have been taken in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean.

This magnificent length of the coastline is sure to take your breath away, and its immediate hinterland is comprised of pine trees, dunes and salt flats.

This beach offers a wide variety of amenities, such as dining options, drinking establishments and sun loungers for rent. If you go straight down the coast from the car park, you will leave the crowds behind and discover more nudist bathers.

The centre portion is popular with families, locals, groups and tourists, but if you walk right along the beach from the car park, you will find more nudist bathers.

Final thoughts on nudist beaches near Barcelona

Spain is an open and tolerant society and has lots of nudist beaches in Spain from Barcelona to the Canary Islands, in every city in Spain you will find nudist beaches, naturism has gained more and more followers and has become popular all along the Spanish coast. If you are thinking of coming to live in Spain do not hesitate to see the cheapest places in Spain.

If you are a nudist, Barcelona and its environment are the places to explore. The greatest nudist beaches are those along the nation’s coastline, where bathing suits are not required so that visitors can bask in the sun, swim in the water, participate in water sports and play in the sand without restriction.

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