Best places to live in Spain for families

Are you looking for a perfect place to live in Spain that caters to your family’s needs? Well, this guide is for you. Spain offers a multitude of fantastic options for families seeking an excellent quality of life. From beautiful coastal towns to vibrant cities and charming countryside locations, there is something for every family. This article will explore the ten best family friendly places in Spain.


What to Look for When Choosing the Best City to Settle with Your Family

When finding the best city best place in Spain for family holiday, you should consider some vital factors. It’s important to carefully evaluate each aspect to ensure a safe, comfortable, and enriching environment for your loved ones. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Safety and Security
    The safety of your family is of paramount importance. Look for cities with low crime rates and a reputation for being safe. Research crime statistics and check the local government’s efforts to maintain a secure environment. Consider factors such as the presence of a well-functioning police force, community engagement, and overall peace and stability.
  • Education
    Access to quality education is vital for the growth and development of your children. Look for cities that offer a range of educational opportunities, including reputable schools, bilingual programs, and extracurricular activities. Research the curriculum, faculty qualifications, and academic performance of schools. Consider the availability of specialized programs that cater to your children’s interests and needs.
  • Healthcare Facilities
    Ensure the city has a robust healthcare system with accessible, high-quality medical facilities. Research the availability of hospitals, clinics, and specialists in the area. Consider factors such as proximity to healthcare facilities, the reputation of medical professionals, and the range of healthcare services offered. It’s essential to have peace of mind knowing that your family’s medical needs can be met promptly and effectively.
  • Infrastructure
    Consider the city’s infrastructure and amenities that cater to the needs of families. Look for neighborhoods with good connectivity and access to public transportation. Consider the availability of childcare centers, parks, shopping centers, and other facilities that enhance the well-being of families. Evaluate the city’s urban planning and design, including pedestrian-friendly streets, bike lanes, and green spaces.
  • Community and Social Life
    A strong sense of community can significantly contribute to a fulfilling family life. Look for Spanish cities where families actively participate in community events and where there is a sense of belonging. Research the availability of a golf course, local organizations, parent groups, and social clubs that foster a supportive community for families. Consider the city’s diversity and openness to different cultures and backgrounds, as this can enrich your family’s experience and provide opportunities for cultural exchange.
  • Cost of Living
    Evaluate the cost of living in the city you are considering living in when you move to Spain. Consider factors such as housing, transportation, healthcare, and overall affordability of daily necessities. It’s vital to ensure that the city’s cost of living aligns with your family’s budget and financial goals.
  • Job Opportunities
    Consider the availability of job opportunities in the city to live, as this will impact your family’s financial stability and career prospects. Research the local job market and industries that thrive in the area. Evaluate the city’s economic stability and growth potential to ensure long-term career prospects for you and your spouse.
  • Proximity to Nature and Outdoor Spaces
    Living close to nature and outdoor spaces can provide numerous benefits for families. Look for cities that offer access to natural & water parks, hiking trails, beaches, and other outdoor recreational areas. Consider the city’s climate and weather conditions, as they can impact your family’s ability to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year.

10 Best Places to Live in Spain for Families

Spain, with its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and family friendly atmosphere, is an ideal destination for families seeking a fulfilling life. Spain offers diverse options, from stunning beaches to vibrant cities and charming coastal towns. In this section, we will explore the ten family-friendly places in Spain. These cities and regions provide a high quality of life, excellent educational opportunities, safety, recreational activities, and a welcoming community.

1. Discover the Allure of Barcelona: A Haven for Expatriate Families


Barcelona is widely recognized as one of the best places to live in Spain for families. It offers a combination of factors that contribute to its family-friendly reputation. The city is home to many international schools, providing the expat community with excellent education options. These schools often offer bilingual programs and follow international curricula, ensuring a smooth transition for children. The availability of quality education is an essential consideration for families looking to settle in a new city.
In terms of healthcare, Barcelona boasts outstanding medical facilities and services. Families can access top-notch healthcare through both public and private hospitals. This ensures that families have access to quality medical care and can rest assured knowing their healthcare needs will be met.
Safety is another crucial aspect that makes Barcelona a desirable place for families. The city has a reputation for being safe, with a relatively low crime rate. This provides peace of mind to parents and creates a secure environment for children to grow up in.
The city’s rich cultural scene is another aspect that makes it an attractive place for families. Barcelona is known for its museums, theaters, art galleries, and historical landmarks, providing enriching experiences for all family members. Families can explore the works of renowned artists like Picasso or immerse themselves in the vibrant Catalan culture.
Transportation within Barcelona is convenient and efficient, making it easy for families to navigate the city and explore its various neighborhoods and attractions. The city has a well-connected public transportation system that includes buses, metro lines, and trams. This accessibility simplifies commuting and ensures families can easily access schools, parks, and other family-friendly destinations.

2. Madrid: A Family-Friendly Haven of Culture and Opportunities

best places to live in spain with families

Madrid is one of the best places to live in Spain for families. As the capital city of Spain, it offers a wealth of opportunities for families. It boasts world-class infrastructure, a rich cultural heritage, and various educational options.
Madrid has several international schools, such as the International School of Madrid and the British Council School. The city’s numerous parks, including the iconic Retiro Park, provide ample space for families to enjoy outdoor activities.
Madrid also offers a vibrant arts and entertainment scene, with museums, theaters, and family-oriented festivals like San Isidro. You can visit theme parks like Parque Warner Madrid or explore nearby historical towns such as Toledo. Madrid’s central location and excellent transportation links make it an ideal base for families exploring the rest of Spain.

3. Valencia: Embrace the Mediterranean Charm for an Exquisite Family Lifestyle

Valencia good place for life with family

Valencia, located on the southeastern coast of Spain, is another ideal destination for families vacationing. The city perfectly blends cultural attractions, outdoor activities, and family-friendly amenities.
Valencia is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, such as Playa de la Malvarrosa and Playa de las Arenas, perfect for families to relax, swim, and enjoy various water sports activities. The city is also home to the City of Arts and Sciences, a futuristic complex that includes a science museum, an opera house, and an aquarium. It is one of the best attractions in Spain for families providing educational and entertaining experiences.
Valencia’s Turia Gardens, a stunning park built on a former riverbed, offers a green oasis in the heart of the city and is perfect for family outings. You can enjoy day trip, leisurely walks, bike rides, or picnics in this expansive park.
Additionally, Valencia has a range of family-friendly accommodations, including hotels and apartments, with amenities such as swimming pools, kids’ clubs, and entertainment options. The city’s diverse culinary scene offers opportunities for different tastes and preferences, including child-friendly menus.

4. Sevilla: A Captivating City for Expat Families to Embrace Spanish Heritage

good place for life with family

Seville is another great city to live in Spain with family and for good reasons. First, it offers a rich cultural heritage and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The city is known for its historical landmarks, such as the Alcazar and the Cathedral, which provide a unique learning experience for children and adults alike.
Seville is also a safe city with a strong sense of community, making it ideal for families. The locals are known for their friendly and helpful nature, creating a supportive environment for families settling in the city.
Moreover, Seville provides a range of kid friendly amenities and recreational activities. The city has spacious parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas where children can play and engage in outdoor activities.
Additionally, Seville hosts numerous family-oriented festivals throughout the year, such as the famous Feria de Abril and the Semana Santa processions. These cultural events offer a unique opportunity for families to immerse themselves in the local traditions and create lasting memories.
In terms of education, Seville offers excellent national and international schools, providing a high standard of education for children. The city also has modern healthcare facilities and services, ensuring the well-being of families.

5. Alicante: An Ideal Destination for Expatriate Families to Thrive

good place for life with family

Alicante is a wonderful place for expatriate families to live due to several reasons. Firstly, the city enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters and hot summers. The temperatures are generally pleasant throughout the year, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor activities and making it an ideal location for families seeking a comfortable living environment.

The quality of life in Alicante is also highly regarded. The city offers a great balance between work and leisure, with a thriving economy and numerous employment opportunities. Expatriates will find a welcoming and inclusive community, making it easier to integrate and establish a support system.

Alicante boasts beautiful beaches with crystal-clear waters, making it an ideal destination for family outings and recreational activities. The coastline offers a wide range of water sports and leisure options, ensuring that there is always something for everyone to enjoy. The city is also surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including mountains and nature reserves, providing ample opportunities for hiking, cycling, and exploring the outdoors.

In terms of education, Alicante offers a variety of international schools that cater to expatriate families. These schools provide high-quality education in a multicultural environment, ensuring that children receive an excellent education while adapting to their new surroundings.

Furthermore, Alicante’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant social scene make it an exciting place to live. The city hosts numerous festivals, events, and cultural activities throughout the year, allowing expatriate families to immerse themselves in the local traditions and create lasting memories.

In terms of infrastructure, Alicante offers modern amenities, including reliable public transportation, healthcare facilities, and a well-developed urban infrastructure. The city is well-connected to other major European cities through its international airport, making travel convenient for both work and leisure purposes.

Overall, Alicante provides an ideal setting for expatriate families looking for a high quality of life, mild climate, and a welcoming community. The combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, and modern amenities make it a great place to call home.

6. Malaga: Where Expat Families Discover Paradise on the Costa del Sol

good place for life with families

Malaga is the best place in Costa del Sol for families. This province is known for its sunny beaches, parks, and numerous outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for families. The city offers a range of international learning institutions, such as the British College of Malaga and St. Anthony’s College, ensuring quality education for foreigners.
Malaga’s cultural scene is vibrant, with museums like the Picasso Museum and the Centre Pompidou Malaga offering enriching experiences for children. You can explore the Alcazaba fortress, enjoy water sports at the beach, or visit nearby attractions like the Bioparc Fuengirola Zoo.
Malaga also boasts excellent transportation links, including an international airport, making it easily accessible if you have relatives or friends visiting from abroad.

7. Salou: A Serene Coastal Retreat for Expat Families to Create Lasting Memories

salou good place to live with family

Salou, located on the Costa Dorada in Spain, is renowned as one of the best places to stay in Spain for families seeking a memorable vacation. This charming coastal town offers a plethora of family-friendly attractions and amenities that make it an ideal destination.
PortAventura World Resort is a major highlight as the best place to stay in Salou for families. This expansive entertainment complex offers a variety of accommodation choices, including family-friendly hotels and resorts. Families can enjoy convenient access to PortAventura Park, a thrilling theme park with exciting rides, shows, and attractions suitable for all ages. Additionally, the resort features excellent amenities such as swimming pools, children’s clubs, and entertainment options tailored to families.
Families can also enjoy the beautiful golden beach resorts in Saluo, such as Playa de Levante, which offer a wide range of water sports and activities. Salou’s Paseo Marítimo promenade is lined with shops, restaurants, and ice cream parlors, creating a lively atmosphere for families to explore and indulge in delicious treats. Additionally, the town’s selection of family-oriented hotels and beach resorts, many of which have kid’s clubs and pools, ensure families’ comfortable and enjoyable stay.
With its combination+ of exciting attractions, stunning beaches, and family-friendly accommodations, Salou is undoubtedly the best place to stay in Costa Dorada if you are seeking a fun-filled and unforgettable vacation experience.

8. Palma de Mallorca: Island Bliss for Expat Families Seeking Tranquility and Beauty

palma de mallorca with family

Palma de Mallorca, the capital of Majorca, is considered the best place for families to live on the island. It offers a wide range of family-friendly amenities and attractions, making it an ideal choice for families looking to settle down.
The city boasts excellent international schools, ensuring education options for expat families. Safety is a top priority in Palma de Mallorca, providing a secure environment for children to grow up in. The city offers numerous parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities for outdoor activities and leisurely walks, making it one of the best places in Majorca for families with children.
Families can enjoy the stunning beaches, visit cultural and historical landmarks, and explore the diverse entertainment and dining options, ensuring a vibrant and fulfilling family life.

9. Costa Brava: Expat Family Paradise on Spain’s Stunning Coastal Gem

places to live spain families

Costa Brava is one of the best places to live in Spain for families. This stunning coastal region in northeastern Spain offers a wide range of family-friendly activities and amenities. The area boasts beautiful beaches with clear waters, ideal for swimming, building sandcastles, and enjoying water sports.
Costa Brava also offers charming towns and villages perfect for family exploration, with their historical sites, local markets, and delicious cuisine. Additionally, the region features various family-oriented attractions such as water parks, adventure parks, and wildlife reserves.

10. Canary Islands: Expat Haven of Natural Splendor and Endless Adventures for Families

canary islands with family

One of the best holiday destinations in Spain for families is the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands are considered one of the best places to live in Spain with a family. The archipelago offers a unique combination of natural beauty, a pleasant climate, and a family-friendly environment. The islands, such as Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Lanzarote, have beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and a variety of outdoor activities suitable for all ages.
The Canary Islands also provide excellent educational facilities, healthcare services, and a strong sense of community. The islands’ relaxed lifestyle, safety, and abundance of family-oriented attractions, including water parks and nature reserves, make them an attractive choice for families looking for a high quality of life in Spain.

Summary of best place to live in Spain

In conclusion, Spain offers a variety of excellent options for families looking to settle down. The big cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Seville stand out as top choices, providing many opportunities for education, healthcare, and family-friendly activities. These cities offer a vibrant urban lifestyle, rich cultural heritage, and all essential amenities to serve the needs of families. Whether you prefer the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Barcelona and Madrid or the relaxed Mediterranean vibes of Valencia and Seville, these big cities in Spain have much to offer for families seeking a high quality of life.

FAQ: Best Places to Live in Spain for Families

Where is the best place to live in Spain with kids?

Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Madrid, Salou, and Palma de Mallorca are among the best places to live in Spain with kids, offering a combination of family-friendly amenities, educational opportunities, and a welcoming atmosphere for families.

Is Spain a good place to raise a family?

Yes, Spain is regarded as a serene place to raise a family. The country offers a high quality of life, a strong sense of community, and a family-oriented culture. Spain greatly emphasizes family values and provides a range of family-friendly amenities and services. It has excellent healthcare and education systems, including public and private options. Moreover, Spain’s pleasant climate, beautiful landscapes, and diverse cultural experiences make it an appealing choice for families seeking a balanced and enriching lifestyle.

Where is the best place to live in Spain for US citizens

The most suitable place to stay in Spain for a US citizen with a Spanish visa can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. However, some popular destinations among US expatriates in Spain include Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Malaga in Costa del sol.

What is the safest city to live in Spain?

Spain is generally a safe country to settle in or for family vacationing. It has low crime rates compared to many other nations. While safety can vary within cities, several cities in Spain are known for their safety records. One notable city is Valencia. It consistently ranks high in safety indexes, with a strong police presence and a low crime rate. Other cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Bilbao also have relatively low crime rates and are considered safe for residents

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