Cheap places to work remotely

Nowadays, working remotely has become a norm for many people. It allows you to work from anywhere, providing exciting travel opportunities. Furthermore, you can choose to live in a country with a comparatively low cost of living, enabling you to save money. But where can I work remotely in January? In this article, we will enlighten you on how to choose the best countries to work remotely and the 20 cheap places to work remotely.


How to Choose Cheap Places to Work Remotely?

Here are some of the things to keep in mind while choosing an ideal place to live as a digital nomad

Cost of living

One of the critical factors to consider when looking for a cheap place to live as a remote worker on a budget is the cost of living. So, compare the cost of living in different locations you aspire to live and settle for one providing relatively cheap living standards and affordable housing.


Safety is another vital factor to consider when selecting cheap places to work remotely. It is unfortunate that some regions with low cost-of-living record higher levels of crime.
Choose a travel destination for working remotely with proven safety.

The Weather Conditions

Weather condition is a significant consideration when choosing a destination for digital nomads. Before settling for a place to move to and work remotely, it is advisable to do prior research on the annual weather patterns. You can check climate charts on Google and pick a place that experiences favourable weather conditions almost all year round.

Internet Speed

When working remotely, a stable internet connection is not optional. So, it is essential to consider countries with the best WI FI that will enable fast upload and download speeds.

Visa and work permits

Different countries and cities have different visa policies. The type of visa you will need will depend on how long you plan to stay in that city or region. Some countries offer Digital nomad visas that allow you to stay for a while. So be sure to check the available visas in the city or country you want to live and work remotely. How easy is it to process the visa or work permit?

Travel Potential

If you love travelling, you will for sure choose a location that is strategically located to allow you better explore a country, region other countries that have been your dream destination. So, before you decide on your best place to work remotely, consider its location.

Things to do

When choosing the best place to work remotely, you must check what you can do during your free time. Choose a country with exciting attractions where you can relax and enjoy, such as beaches, museums, and nightlife bars. Furthermore, work without play makes jack a dull boy.

Co-working Space

Another thing you need to look out for when selecting cheap places to work remotely is the co-working spaces. Choose an area with plenty of co-working spaces and coffee cafes where you can work as you interact with like-minded people.

21 Cheap Places to Work Remotely

Where should I live as a remote worker? And are remote workers cheaper? Here are the top 20 cheap places to work remotely

Cheap places to work remotely in Europe

The Canary Islands, Spain

cheap places to work remotely
best places to work remotely for a month

The Canary Islands is a warm place all year round, life is quiet and if you want to work remotely all year round it is the ideal place for any digital nomad, looking for good weather all year round in Europe. It also has high speed internet.

Spain is an ideal place where many Americans are going to live because they see that Spain is a great country with tax benefits for nomads, it also has good medical insurance for nomads and you can find cheap cities to live in Spain. Also the people are very nice and life is much more sociable. Spain is your place if you want to be in an EU country, good climate, good security and tax benefits as a nomad.


Places to work remotely in Portugal
where to work remotely

If you are looking for cheap places to work remotely in Western Europe, Portugal will be the place. Although Portugal is a bit expensive to live in compared to other places on this list, it is the most affordable country if you want to be based in Western Europe. The country ranks number 11 with the lowest cost of living globally. This gorgeous country also has a solid internet connection. According to Ooma, it ranks among the top major cities with the most efficient public WIFI. Also, according to analysis, Portugal ranks the 32nd country with the fastest broadband speed globally. Moreover, the country enjoys excellent weather almost all the time and is secure with very low crime levels. Furthermore, remote workers who want to visit Portugal for less than 90 days will not require work visas.

Dublin, Ireland

cheap places to work remotely
best places to travel and work remotely

Over the past few years, Dublin has become the ultimate destination for many expats and digital nomads. There is a thriving community of remote workers and an expat community for good reasons. The city boasts good weather conditions throughout the year and has everything you need as you work from home, from high-speed internet to security. Furthermore, you can’t be bored during your off day. You can’t miss an outdoor activity to do in this great city! Whether it is wandering through Phoenix Park, one of the many parks in the town, or visiting the Guinness Storehouse, there are many things you can do during your free time.

The Czech Republic

There are thousands of remote workers living in the Czech Republic, and for good reasons. One. the cost of living in this landlocked is relatively low compared to other regions in Europe. Also, since it is located in Central Europe, it is easy to access different areas, including Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Poland. With high-speed internet across the country, freelance visas, and ample co-working regions, the Czech Republic is an ideal destination to live and work remotely


Croatia is another great option if you want a place to live and explore as a remote worker. Recently the country introduced a new residence visa intending to attract more remote workers to settle in the country. If you are a food and history lover, you will be happy to be based in Croatia. Another thing that makes digital nomads love this country is its relatively low cost of living and stunning architecture. You will not need to break the bank to live a lavish lifestyle in Croatia! Also, the country has an impressive coastline if you want to sunbathe on the beach.
Moreover, the internet in the country is super-fast and has a considerably more affordable cost of living than most countries in Western Europe. There are also plenty of co-working spaces with all the essential facilities you need to work remotely.
In addition, Croatia has a favourable Mediterranean climate with sunny weather. Its southern and coastal regions in the country experience mild winters. But when living in inland parts, you may experience snowy and colder temperatures.
Even if you don’t own a car, moving around the country as a remote worker when living in this beautiful country isn’t an issue. Croatia boasts well-developed and reliable transportation. Some of the best cities you can consider living in Croatia include Split, Zadar, Rovinj, and Porec.


If you are looking for cheap places to work remotely, make sure Estonia is on your list! Estonia recently opened up a 1-year freelancer visa making it easy for digital nomads and remote workers who want to move and live in the country. This country boasts a good climate, cheap cost of living, and stable internet. Besides, there are many social activities you can engage in during your free time.

Istanbul, Turkey

If you are looking for a secure city with good infrastructure, a low cost of living, and ample co-working spaces, Istanbul, Turkey, offers all that. Istanbul is generally a safe city with very minimal cases. Also, when it comes to costs, the city provides affordable by all means, from reasonably priced housing to food. With $600 or under, you can find a decent apartment.
In addition, you can engage in many activities to keep you busy in the city. You can explore ancient palaces and mosques or go to the beach. Besides, Istanbul has vibrant nightlife!
If you are a food lover, Turkish Cuisine is the best in the world! There are plenty of restaurants and food cafes you can check in and get served delicious meals.

Cheap places to work remotely in Asia

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, commonly known as Saigon, is another fantastic place to live and work from home. It is the biggest city in Vietnam, with more than nine million people. The city has a relatively low living standard hence a great place to live on a budget. The cost of housing, entertainment, food, and transportation is relatively more affordable than in any other city in the country.
The city has a solid internet connection and many shared co-working spaces for remote workers and digital nomads. Besides, the town is entirely secure, with meagre records of crime rates. Moreover, ho chi Minh has beaches, museums, and cultural attractions.

Bangalore India

place to work remotely in india
best places to work remotely near me

Without Bangalore, India, the list of cheap places to work remotely cannot be complete. This city offers plenty to people working remotely, from super fast and cheap internet to affordable living. In fact, it is one of the cities you can live in a high-end apartment at a relatively reasonable cost. Moreover, many co-working spaces across the city are equipped with all the essential facilities necessary for remote work, from internet access to a serene environment.
Bangalore is also a lively city with lots of things. You can visit amusement parks such as Wonderla or Cubbon Park. Or go shopping in the malls or visit museums in national parks in the city.
And if you’re a foodie, Bangalore has some of the best restaurants, pubs, and breweries offering different local and international cuisines.


Thailand work remotely cheap
best places to work remotely in the world

Another great place to live as a remote worker is Thailand, for many reasons. It has robust and reliable internet, and the cost of living in the country is relatively cheap. Moreover, when living in Thailand, you get plenty of opportunities of exploring other parts of South East Asia. Furthermore, the country is secure and offers many restaurants serving fantastic food.


cheap places to work remotely kuala lumpur
cities to work remotely

Malaysia can be an ideal choice if your perfect destination is in Southeast Asia. Malaysia has an enormous remote worker community across the city. Several reasons make this city a good option when looking for a place to work remotely on a budget. The city offers a low cost of living. Buying or renting a house or hotel is quite affordable. Plus, the foodstuffs are also cheap.
The country also offers plenty of visa options making it easy for those working remotely to move there. Recently Malaysia introduced the digital nomad visa that allows remote workers earning more than $24,000 annually to move and live in the country for 3 to 12 months.
Furthermore, Malaysia is a highly secure country with a low crime index. There are also many things you can do on your free day. If nightlife is an integral part of your life, you will appreciate the swanky rooftop lounges and bars across the city from Kulaur Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu.
And if you would love to work alongside like-minded people, you can work in many co-working spaces from across the city.


Cities to work remotely
cheapest places for digital nomads

The cost of living in this country is quite affordable, making it an ideal spot for remote workers looking for a place to live on a budget. The cost of houses is significantly low, and food is reasonably priced. You can get a meal for as low as $1!
Furthermore, the process of acquiring a visa is straightforward. To top it all, the country provides a 5-year digital nomad visa for remote workers and digital nomads. Indonesia is a safe country, with most parts experiencing stable internet connection.
Its natural beauty and unique culture are a plus to those who want to work remotely.

Cheap places to work remotely in America

Miami, FL -United States

Cheap places to work remotely

Another affordable place you can choose to live and work remotely is Miami, Florida. In fact, there is a thriving community of remote workers in Miami. The city experiences warm weather all year round, making it a nice place to work remotely. The temperature in Miami ranges between 17 to 31°C throughout the year. Also, the city has plenty of opportunities for digital nomads. In addition, Miami provides various options of co-working spaces across its neighbourhood for remote workers who need shared office space. Also, you can work from the quality coffee shops in almost every part of Miami.
Besides, Miami provides a superb quality of life at affordable rates compared to other cities in the US. Also, the town offers endless fun activities you can engage in all year round.
With high superfast internet and top-notch security, you have every reason to consider Miami your next remote working destination. Whether you want an escape to the beach or a vibrant city lifestyle, Miami offers it all.


Cheap places to work remotely for digital nomads

Mexico is one of the best and cheap places to work remotely. Mexico is located in Latin South America and is one of the biggest cities in the world. The city generally has good weather. It does not experience any hurricanes and has mild temperatures year-round. Also, there is a reliable internet connection throughout the city whether you live in private rentals or hotels. If you love working in a team, there are plenty of co-working spaces in the city.
Besides, Mexico has excellent public transportation, which makes it easy to access any part of the city. Moreover, there are all sorts of activities happening all over the city daily that you can participate in during your free time. It is an excellent way to socialize and make friends!

San Francisco

Cheap plates for digital nomads

San Francisco is one of the ideal places globally for remote work. Many remote workers across the United States and other parts of the world settle in this city as it offers everything they need to work from home. It also provides a lavish lifestyle for cheaper rates. According to recent research, San Francisco ranked 5th in California, where most people work remotely. The city is secure and has an established internet connection.

San Jose Costa Rica

work remotely in costa rica

San Jose is one of the most beautiful cities to live in the world. Besides, it is an excellent option if you are a remote worker looking for a place to live on a limited budget. In recent research, San Jose emerged as 5th best country for remote workers in the US. Moving to San Jose Costa is relatively simple thanks to its dedicated digital nomad visa. Also, the city has fast and stable internet and is a safe place to live with beautiful parks. With forests, jungles, and stunning beaches, the country is perfect for someone who wants a quiet life as well as adventure.
San Jose also has a fantastic climate. It is mostly warm all year round. Also, the country’s location makes accessibility to North and South American cities easy.

Others Cheap places to work remotely in the world

Dubai United Arab Emirates

work remotely

Dubai is another good place to live while working remotely. The city boasts good infrastructure and is strategically located to offer easy connections if you want to explore other countries across the globe. Dubai has excellent internet connections and is a safe city to live in. Furthermore, the city has relatively fewer restrictions compared to other gulf countries.
If working collaboratively is your thing, there are plenty of suitable co-working spaces across the city. When living in Dubai, you will love the good neighbourhoods alongside the city that offers everything from beaches to cultural attractions. Also, the are plenty of things to view and do in this beautiful city, from visiting amusement parks to taking part in desert safaris.
Moreover, moving to Dubai to work remotely is very easy. That is because recently, the emirates introduced a digital nomad visa that opened up the region to many people looking to work remotely.

South Africa

Over the years, South Africa, especially Cape Town, has become a destination place for remote workers and digital nomads for good reasons. The country enjoys warm weather all year round and has a stable internet connection to ensure you carry on your work without any difficulties. Also, the country has beautiful architecture, vast tourist attractions, a diverse expat community, and natural wonders ranging from stunning coastlines and breathtaking landscapes to beautiful deserts. In addition, there is lively nightlife, many co-working spaces, and a relatively affordable cost of living.

Wellington, New Zealand

Another popular destination for remote workers is wellington New Zealand. This small city has ample co-working spaces and cafes where you can spend your days with your laptop sipping locally roasted coffee while interacting with the locals. Such places have the internet on site so you can carry along with your work without minding where to get internet. But in general, the city has a solid internet connection with more than 22,00 free WIFI hotspots across the city.
There is a wide range of things to do during your free time in Wellington. From day trips and hiking and taking a beach trip to exploring hidden cocktail bars.
The city is secure, so you shouldn’t worry when exploring any corner of the town. Also, Wellington has a low cost of living. You will find that the cost of housing and food is much cheaper than in other cities in New Zealand.
You can take advantage of the New Zealand working Holiday Visa program if you are between 18 and 30 years and a remote worker.


cheap places to work remotely

Over the years, Egypt has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists and digital nomads. This ancient country has a warm climate, stable internet, and spectacular beaches. Moreover, it has a considerably cheaper cost of living and excellent security. So, make sure you add Egypt to your bucket list of must-visit countries!


Last but not least, Colombia is another great country you can consider when looking for cheap places to work online. This beautiful country is highly affordable and has many things to offer regarding scenery and culture. There is a large thriving community of remote workers in Colombia, which makes it easy to make new friends and find like-minded collaborators.
The internet connection throughout the country is relatively stable, with adequate co-working spaces across the cities.

Where can I find places to work remotely?

There are a multitude of websites for remote job search, there are more and more job posts on linkedin that can offer you the opportunity to live like a nomad.

Where is the best place to work remotely?

The best place to work remotely depends on your tastes and what you are looking for, if you are looking for tranquility, security my recommendation would be Europe and more specifically Spain. If on the other hand you are looking for more adventure for a few years my recommendation would be Indonesia in the less touristic islands.

Wrap Up

Wondering where is the best place to work remotely? There are many countries and big cities around the world that are favourable for digital nomads and remote workers. If you are looking for a place you can move and work remotely as you explore, consider one of the places on the list.

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