Chiapas Waterfalls, Mexico

In Mexico’s southernmost state lies Chiapas, the top destination in the country for nature lovers. When planning your Mexican trip you might wonder, ‘Is Chiapas worth visiting?’ If you love the outdoors and wish to experience the wonders of nature, then it is. The southern Mexican state boasts an awe-striking natural beauty that makes it perfect for various adventures. From winding turquoise rivers to national parks to historical attractions, Chiapas has more than enough to marvel at. The Chiapas waterfalls, however, are the region’s second-biggest selling point, right after the Mayan ruins. Thanks to the plenty of rain the area receives, stunning water features form over the different vertical drops, resulting in dramatic falls. Some are easy to reach, while others take a bit of effort. Here are 5 Chiapas waterfalls to include in your itinerary.

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Our favorite waterfalls of Chiapas in Mexico

Agua Azul Waterfalls

Waterfalls agua azul chiapas

You can’t mention Chiapas without Agua Azul coming up. It’s the most famous waterfall in the region, perhaps the country and not for nothing. As the name suggests, the dazzling blue water characterises the Agua Azul waterfalls, thanks to the limestone bed. The turquoise-blue effect doesn’t last all year round, though. In the rainy season, the waters turn brown due to silt. So, you might want to time your trip right to enjoy the waterfalls in their full glory. Agua Azul is approximately an hour from Palenque. It’s an impressive waterfall with gushing waters and a series of cascades. The waterfall spreads over a vast area, providing enough to enjoy during a day trip.

Can you swim in Agua Azul waterfalls? Yes, you can. As the waters surge through the falls, they create pools and streams ideal for a refreshing dip. Therefore, carry a swimsuit. Be sure to find out which parts are safe to bathe in. The lush green valley surrounding the river offers magnificent scenery that produces amazing shots. Although the Agua Azul waterfalls are breathtaking, they might not be for everyone. Due to its popularity, the attraction draws large crowds. The communities that made the waterfalls accessible by building trails also set up shops along the entrance. You will notice them when you get to the river. If you plan to buy souvenirs, then this is the place for you. However, if you prefer a quieter experience, consider some of the other Chiapas waterfalls on this list.

Cascadas El Chiflón

cascadas el chiflon, chiapas mexico

If you ask, ‘What is special about Chiapas Mexico?’ The El Chiflon waterfalls are one answer. Comprising a series of five waterfalls, El Chiflon is as majestic as Agua Azul. The biggest difference is that the waterfalls are separate, rising from the San Vicente River to cascade down spectacular falls. At about 130 metres, Velo de Novia (Bride’s Veil) is the tallest waterfall. It collects in a pale-blue pool before picking up again to run a lower fall. You can view the beautiful waterfall from a vantage point to drink in its magical panorama. Be ready to get wet if you wish to see the main fall up close. The other waterfalls at El Chiflón are Ala de Angel (Angel’s Wing), El Suspiro (The Sigh), Arco Iris and Quiceañera.

El Chiflón is a 30-minute drive from the city of Comitan and two hours from San Cristobal De Las Casas. Besides swimming and watching thousands of litres of water gush downwards, you can run the zip line across the river. El Chiflón has trails that allow you to hike from the lower pools to the very top of the falls. If you want to see more of the region, the Tenam Puente archaeological centre is nearby. The historical town of Chiapa de Corzo is another sightseeing adventure you should consider. Day tours are the best way to see El Chiflón and other attractions. For accommodation, the area provides many alternatives, from san cristobal de las to Tuxtla Gutiérrez to Comitan. El Chiflón has picnic sections, where you can enjoy your food as you rest by the river.

Roberto Barrios Waterfalls

Roberto barrios waterfall in chiapas

For Chiapas waterfalls off the beaten track, Roberto Barrios is your best bet. Approximately 30 Km south of Palenque, Cascadas Roberto Barrios are in a small village that barely receives any tourists. The five waterfalls feature crystal-clear blue water enclosed in a thick forest. With several pools at the base, the area calls out to swimmers. The cascadas flow like a staircase, showing off different hues as the sun hits the waters at varying points. Several of the falls form infinity pools where you can watch the water gush over the edge. Another fall creates a natural 10-metre slide, allowing you to glide with the water. Make sure to consult the guides about the safest spots to slide.

Apart from swimming in the pools at the bottom, you can enjoy cool showers underneath the falling water. The natural pressure makes for refreshing baths. The jungle surrounding the Roberto Barrios waterfalls has paths, enabling you to trek from the top to the bottom without any problem. The trails make exploring the region fun because you interact with nature closely. Watch out for different species of butterflies, birds and monkeys in the forest. Although you can discover the wonders of Roberto Barrios by yourself, hiring a local guide improves your experience. Group tours of the waterfalls are available. The remote, undisturbed nature of Roberto Barrios makes the destination a top pick if you want to unwind and recover from a tiresome tour.

Misol Há

Chiapas waterfall mexico

River Misol Há flows off the edge of a cliff to form the gorgeous Misol-Ha, Misolha or Misol Ha waterfall. It’s one of the first answers to the question, ‘What is the most beautiful waterfall in Mexico?’ They might not have the crystal blue hues of other Chiapas waterfalls, but the Misol Há falls are a marvel to look at. The water falls off some 35 metres into a deep pool below. The base of the waterfall is deep, making it suitable for scuba diving. For this reason, these waters don’t meet all swimming needs. You have to be skilled to attempt swimming here. It’s not to say that you can’t dip into the cool waters after your trek. The shallow section of the pool is just as impressive for swimming.

Tropical vegetation surrounds the pool, creating a splendid picnic setting. Behind the water curtain of the Misol-Ha waterfalls is a path leading into cables, which you can explore via guided tours by locals. A viewpoint behind the curtain also provides dramatic up-close views of the massive waterfall. Since it’s a single waterfall, Misol Há won’t take much of your time. Hence, it can be part of a day trip as you discover the other waterfalls in Palenque. You can stay at the cabins in Misolha or Palenque, giving you access to many attractions, including the Mayan Ruins.

Las Nubes Waterfalls

Chiapas waterfall las nubes

You will find the Las Nubes in one of the most undisturbed parts of Chiapas. The destination is ideal if you want a serene Chiapas Mexico waterfall that is as powerful as it is majestic. Las Nubes is easy to miss because it is deep in the Lacandon Jungle and doesn’t feature on many lists of attractions. Skipping it would be a mistake. Las Nubes is right on the edge of the jungle, meaning it features trees and other vegetation all around it. The greenery created picturesque vistas that could captivate you for hours. Rio Santo Domingo adds to the awe-inspiring scenery as it cuts through the jungle. The Vista Hermosa viewpoint delivers breathtaking panoramas.

The jungle is a protected area under the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve. So, it offers a few other activities besides watching the falls. Your day trip can include nature walks in the forest to see the different species inhabiting the reserve. The cabins provided mean you can spend the night and wake up to the glorious sounds of the water flowing down the falls and birds chirping all over the place. A visit to Las Nubes immerses you in Chiapas’ natural beauty at every turn. The waterfall’s remote location means you don’t have to fret about huge crowds. It’s the perfect place to re-energise after a busy Mexican tour.

Other waterfalls in Chiapas, Mexico

Chiapas waterfalls

In Chiapas you can find a multitude of waterfalls to visit, here are a few more that you can visit. If you think we have missed any waterfall in Chiapas do not hesitate to write it in the comments and we will update the list.

  • Sombrillas Waterfalls
  • Cañón Río La Venta Waterfall
  • Motiepa Waterfall
  • Tuli Ha Waterfall
  • Valle De Bascan Waterfall

FAQ Waterfalls in Chiapas

What is the most beautiful waterfall in Mexico?

For us the most beautiful waterfall in Mexico is located in Chiapas and it is the Agua Azul waterfall.

Can you swim in Agua Azul waterfalls?

You can swim in the falls where the water is calmer at the beginning and you have an impressive view of the waterfall from below.

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