Best Nude Beach in Mexico

Are you visiting Mexico for the first time and wondering where you can get the best nude beach? Then you are on the right platform. Mexico is associated with gorgeous weather all year round, warm water, and beautiful beaches. No wonder many people during their vacation love to swim and sunbathe nude. That is why this country is experiencing a rise in private beaches and hidden beach resorts.
If you are new in this country, choosing the best nude beach can be demanding as you don’t even know where to look. Continue reading this exclusive article to learn more about the best nude beaches in Mexico and several etiquettes to observe when you decide to visit these popular nude beaches as a first-timer.


13 best nude beaches and resorts in Mexico

To enjoy your vacation in Mexico in a paradisiacal place where you are comfortable and without shame, it is better to look for the best nudist beaches in Mexico. This action will help you escape from prying eyes and be totally at your leisure. The following are some famous nude beaches in Mexico that you can consider visiting when in the country.

1. Playa Zipolite

best nudist beach in mexico

Playa Zipolite is located on the southern coast of Oaxaca state and boasts as one of the popular clothing-optional resorts. It is first Mexico’s legal nude beach which is pretty laid back, and the use of marijuana is largely ignored. The beach is known to host the Festival Nudista Zipolite on the first week of February every year.
You might be curious to know more about the name ‘Zipolite,’ which means ‘the beach of the dead.’ This name might have originated from the danger or may refer to the ancient customs when the Zapotecs (an indigenous community) used to bury their dead at sea. Since the 1970s, the beach has been a popular location for backpackers who stays in camp tents and rustic cabins along the coast.
When you visit this area, you will encounter a golden sandy beach stretching for a mile with hotels, shops, and other basic amenities available in the Colonia Roca Blanca in the western end. The beach stretch is lined with palm trees and backed by a sea cliff from the New Age of Shambala to the west of Playa del Amor.
If you love surfing, it is the best place to be, as it experiences strong waves in the afternoon. Besides, there is nothing to worry about your safety as a team of well-equipped lifeguards will be ready to act on any drowning incident.

2. Playa Sonrisa Beach, Quintana Roo

nudist beach in mexico

Sonrisa Beach is another best alternative for a great and perfect nude beach in Costa Maya. The beach is located in Xcalak, about 70km from Mahahual. Be ready to experience a beautiful cove in the Xcalak Reefs when you visit. The word ‘Sonrisa’ means smile, and the local motto is to enjoy without a bathing suit. Suppose you plan to visit this place to enjoy stunning nature for a few days; beautiful hotels are available for your stay in Xcalak.
Although the beach is only accessible through a dirt road, the challenge will be worth it when you reach your destination. Be ready to enjoy natural paradise, tranquillity, peace and quiet. You will not regret it. Playa Sonrisa is designed to bring comfort and relaxation to its guests. The expansive beach is well planned so guests can enjoy the beach alone. Also, you will encounter lots of driftwood, buoys, seashells, and decorated sand on the beach. This action gives Sonrisa a carefree atmosphere.

When visiting this nude beach, it is good to know the following;

  • Clothing is optional, and it is the only nude beach in the Costa Maya
  • Accept only couples
  • It has a rooftop patio with a self-serve bar
  • Their guest restaurant will serve continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Accept guests with alternative lifestyles

3. Nude beach in Maruata Michoacan

Maruata beach in mexico

Although the beach is yet to receive official recognition as a nude beach, it gets many visitors who opt to enjoy their day without clothes. The beach has over 2km, a feature that gives its visitors a chance to find a secluded place and take full advantage of its warm weather busting. Many visitors will choose to camp here, but some will choose to spend the day. Either way, you will enjoy the calming nature of the sea waves. There are also small islands you decide to visit and discover. If the sun is hot, the rock formation on the beach will offer you good shelter.

4. Matanchen Bay, Nayarit

matanchen bay beach mexico

If you want to leave modesty aside and go for a walk without any clothes, then Matanchen Bay is the place to be. The virgin beach is an hour’s drive from Tepic, Nayarit’s capital. The beach is 7km long and 30 meters wide along the bay, a feature that gives it calm water to relax while you enjoy a fabulous moment. Besides, the beach is not officially nudist, as families occasionally visit the place. However, it has a vast land that offers a space for everyone who requires a more solitary place to enjoy sunbathing in their natural suits.
Nonetheless, swimming naked is tolerated well, and the place’s beauty encourages you to scout around. There are enough cuisines that offer local delicacies to visitors.

5. Secreto Beach, Guerrero

Secreto beach mexico

The Secreto beach is in the bay of Santa Lucia, Acapulco. Here you can choose to swim naked and enjoy nudism without complexes. The beach is also in a virgin place where it receives a few visitors. However, its surroundings are covered by lush vegetation and calm sea breezes that invite you to the salty seawater. In case you are a fan of snorkeling, there are multiple places where you can practice. The view of the surrounding is another wonder you will enjoy and admire.

6. Desire Riviera Maya Resort and beach

Nudist mexico

The Desire Resort and Spa is the first and only resort built and designed for couples only in Mexico. This resort is located along the fantastic coastline of Puerto Morelos. The resort surrounds unique landscaping and an exotic oasis any couple can’t shy away from. As a result, this atmosphere helps unleash your imagination and stimulate your senses.
Nonetheless, the desired resort spa is clothing optional beach paradise, and a place of freedom where fantasies become real. On this premises, you will find like-minded couples who are above 21 years. It is good to note that the resort is an ‘adults only resort and spa.’ When you visit this resort, you can swim naked in their pool or beach. However, if you want to enjoy sexual activities, they are allowed in the jacuzzi and high playrooms, not outside.

7. Punta Serena Resort and Spa

Punta serena nudist beach

The hotel is an adult-only inclusive resort with a private beach where you can enjoy beachside drinks, beach umbrellas, and sun loungers. The beach is known for its crystal-clear seas and beautiful stretch of sand. You cannot access this private nudist resort if you don’t have a reservation in the hotel. If you are looking for fun, this hotel has an outdoor pool and spa Where you can have body wraps and deep-tissue massages. While in this hotel, Restaurante Bellavista is ready to serve international cuisine. Be prepared for a continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner as you enjoy an ocean view. Some features you will enjoy in this hotel include; air conditioning in rooms, a poolside bar, a sauna, and a health club, among others.

8. Playa Puerto Angelita

Playa Puerto Angelito sits among the best nude beaches in Mexico. If you have visited this beach before, you can attest it is a veritable beauty spot. The beautiful blue waters and luscious greenery make this nude beach a worthwhile visit place for your vacation. Playa Puerto Angelita is among the most crowded nude beaches in Mexico. So if you are planning to visit, we recommend you be there early enough to secure the best spot to sunbathe. Prepare to participate in snorkeling and dolphin spotting if you love water adventure.

9. Hidden Beach Resort Tulum

The hidden beach resort in Tulum sits strong amongst the best beaches in Mexico. To access this place, you must accept to stay in its resort first. The resort pride itself on a “go as bare as you dare” policy. That is why you can’t offend anyone when you strip off your clothes and walk around. When you book a reservation in this hotel, be ready for the following outstanding features; top-tier suits, stunning pools, gourmet restaurants, and a fantastic private beach. The resort prides itself on as the best nude beach in Mexico.

10. Yerababuena Beach

The beach is located in Oaxaca and is known to be among the top nude beaches in Mexico. If you are new to the world of nudist beaches, Yerababuena is the best choice. The place has a relaxed vibe, a feature that makes it perfect for those looking for nudism. That is why whether you visit playa Yerababuena for sunbathing or swimming, the place has got what you need for a perfect day out.

11. Coronado Island

Are you looking for an island yet to be inhibited, where you can walk naked without clothes in Mexico? Then look no further. The island of Coronado in Baja California Sur is a place to be. To get to this inhibited island, you must go to Loreto Marina, where you will take a boat ride to your destination. This island has a unique landscape that entails calm pacific coast waves that favor kayaking and snorkeling lovers. On a good day, be ready to see the dolphins which roam in this area or trek to the dormant volcano and much more.

12. Azulik

This fantastic nude beach is found at Azulik hotel and Maya Spa. Unlike other nudist beaches in Mexico, the beach has a wild presentation. The resort uses a jungle vibe, offering its clientele a feeling of escaping into the wild. Although this presentation is not meant for everyone, if you have been here, you can attest that Azulik presents a highly unique design to its clientele. Besides, it is also a perfect ground for newly wedded. Similarly, when you visit this resort, don’t expect the classic amenities you use at other alternatives.

13. Playa Ensenada Blanca

Playa Ensenada Blanca is located at Baja California Sur outside the Ensenda Blanca settlement. This settlement is a challenge to many tourists visiting this beach from afar. Nonetheless, as you approach the shore, fewer people will you see, which is not bad. The shoreline stretches on the sunny coast, and the easiest way to get to the beach is by a private car, taxi, or bike. The only challenge can be that if your hotel is far away, it will cost you a lot of money. You can also use public transport but first engage the locals to know the correct direction the bus will use.

Nude beach etiquette in Mexico to adhere to

When you visit nudist beaches, although clothing might be optional, their rules help you avoid faux pas. More so, if you are a newbie in such an environment before taking your clothes off, here are some of the things you need to know.

• Don’t stare
When you visit any nud beach, it is good to know that you can’t stare at someone. Also, you can’t gawk or ogle. If you can’t keep your eyes on yourself, open a book and keep your eyes busy. Many people feel vulnerable when they are naked and when you keep creeping on them, they regard the act as cruel. Also, many nudists believe in getting naked and getting busy, and any sexual activity is not well come. So don’t try any hanky-panky.

• Get to know the do and don’t
Before you drop off your clothes and hit the sand, clarify with beach officials which part of the beach permits nudity. It is good to confirm whether full nudity is accepted or just toplessness. Additionally, ensure that walking on the beach and hotel premises without clothes is officially legal or merely tolerated. If they give you boundaries of where they permit nudity, respect their rules and regulation.

• Carry a towel with you
During the day, you will need a towel to lie on the sand. Besides, many nudist resorts request their guests to carry their towels along to sit on restaurant and bar furniture, which everybody accepts.

• Keep your distance
Before you select the best spot, you can lie. It is good to ensure you give other people adequate space. That way, people will not feel you intend to infringe on their privacy. Besides, they will feel it’s another relaxing moment you are looking.

• Apply adequate sunscreens
Before you sunbathe, it is a standard rule not to expose your skin to deadly sunlight rays. Apply sunscreen to the part not used to the usual light of the day.

• Don’t have your smartphone or camera with you
If you don’t want to be in the creepy category, don’t even consider taking photos of your favourite scenery when you
Taking photos in such a setting makes people uncomfortable when they aren’t sure where your camera is pointing. It is not recommendable to have any device that can take any photos. But if you want a selfie, ensure you don’t capture anybody else without their permission.

Conclusion About nudist beach in Mexico

In many of Mexico’s beaches, nudity can get you arrested and imposed a hefty fine. However, this action does not happen on every shore. Some have exclusive permits that allow their clients to sunbathe and swim naked. Currently, you will encounter two types of nudist beaches. In the first classification, nudity is permitted but not mandatory. In the second classification, it is a requirement. As a visitor, you don’t have to look for nudist beaches in Mexico, and the above list has everything you need. Also, if you are a newbie, acquit yourself with the basic etiquettes of a nude beach, and it shall be well with you.

FAQ About Nude Beach Mexico

Is nudity accepted on Mexican beaches?

No. When you are in Mexico, nudity is not acceptable on Mexican beaches. However, there are few particular beaches that permit nudity. That is why it is vital to which beaches you can visit and walk naked without finding yourself in trouble.

Is it a requirement to be nude at a nudist beach?

No, it is not. Clothing is optional, so you don’t have to be nude when visiting a nudist resort in Mexico. You can choose to sunbathe around, undress, or wear as much as you wish.

What are the basic etiquettes expected of you on a nude beach in mexico?

• Sexual overt behavior is not acceptable in the public
• Always walk with your towels so that you might sit on it
• Although nudists are amiable people, there is a great expectation for their privacy
• Nudists consider starring rude
• If a male is erect, it is noble for them to cover up
• Never take photos of people without their explicit behavior

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