Best Nude Beaches in Spain

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of people in Spain who are advocates of nudism. In Spain, topless, nudism and naturism are not regarded as fringe behaviours and have been accepted and practised for a long time. Furthermore, naturist beaches that are suitable for entire exposure to the sun are abundant.

On the other hand, we must be sure to respect the nudist and naturist communities who reside on Spanish beaches and watch out for the possibility of getting on the wrong coast. Typically, there are specific nudist beaches that are legally recognised by the government, while others are less so; yet, all these areas welcome nudists and naturists with open arms and don’t bat an eye when they see them. Read on to discover the top nudist beaches in Spain.


The Best Nudist Beaches in Spain

Mar Bella Beach

best nudist beach in Spain
Best Nudist Beaches in Spain

Mar Bella is an attractive beach located on the coast of Barcelona and has a semi-urban feel. Due to the proximity of many educational institutions, this beach is particularly well-liked by young people.

You’ll have access to practically everything you want at this lively beach. This clothing optional beach has a variety of amenities, including restrooms, snack bars, showers and lifeguards, so you and your family can easily relax here. Those who would rather be in the company of other nudists may use the designated nudist area that is available.Visitors may frequently participate in kayaking and sailing trips at the sports facility along the promenade. If you want to know more nudist beaches in Barcelona you can see this list.

Es Trenc Beach

nudist beach in spain
nudist beach in spain

Es Trenc is a beach with a reputation for being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This nude beach in Spain is often considered the most popular beach on the Island of Mallorca for many different reasons, such as its powdery white sand and azure seas that will leave you speechless.

You’ll be able to relax to the soothing sounds of waves lazily breaking on the beach and birds singing in the dunes that run parallel to the shoreline. This lovely length of land over two kilometres has been designated as a no-development zone, meaning it is entirely free of hotels and crowded restaurants.

The fact that this beach is located inside a natural reserve ensures that it will continue to be in pristine condition for many years. Es Trenc is a beautiful beach for nudists because of its many nudist-friendly locations and clean natural surroundings. Remember to carry an umbrella with you since no shaded places exist. This beach has a reputation for having many people on it, so if you want to find a spot on the sand, you should get there as early as possible.

Cantarriján Beach

Beach in spain

Playa de Cantarriján is a beauty that is well worth the effort required to visit, despite the difficulties in getting there. This beach, which welcomes children and is kept clean, is just around 200 metres long but is very well-liked by the community. During peak times, the parking lot will likely be full, and you will be forced to pay €2 for a bus ride to the beach.

This beach does not require bathers to remove their clothes and has a designated nudist area hidden behind a bluff. However, it is common to have nudists and clothed individuals simultaneously coexisting in the same region. Alongside these clear waters, you will have access to all the necessary amenities.

Bring the entire gang and spend the day on the water participating in various sports, including jet skiing, canoeing and snorkelling. According to reports, mountain goats may visit the area early in the morning, and since the water is so clear, you will most likely see at least one fish swimming about you while you are there.

Maspalomas Beach

Nudist beach in spain canary island

Beaches in Gran Canaria is the spot to go to if you seek some of the most beautiful nudist European beaches. Since sunbathing without clothing is permitted on most of Gran Canaria’s beaches, this destination is an excellent choice for anyone looking to have a good time.

The water has a beautiful turquoise colour, and the sand is golden, making this one of the best naturist beaches in Spain. Maspalomas Beach is quite large, unlike most nude beaches, which often only provide a small length of sand. This beach begins with the Maspalomas Lighthouse and continues to the Playa del Ingles resort.

Nudists are allowed to sunbathe in the central area of the beach, while topless sunbathers are allowed on either end. In the area immediately around the beach, there are many resorts, hotels and other types of lodgings. You can remain in close proximity to the beach and enter and exit the beach according to your schedule.

The portion of the beach that is about in the centre is another excellent location for members of the LGBT community, and there will be a rainbow flag flying somewhere nearby to let you know when you have arrived at the proper place. You will enjoy some wonderful sunsets and incredible sand dunes here, enabling you to spend some quality time unwinding and relaxing.

Es Cavallet Beach

Nudist beach in spain

Es Cavallet Beach is a nude beach with areas for nudists, beach partygoers and the LGBTQ+ community. This beach is located on Ibiza’s southern point, a short drive from Ibiza Town. On this 1-kilometre-long strip of fine white sand lapped by surging waves, you’ll have no trouble finding a spot to lay your towel.

Getting to the beach before midday can be a good idea since you avoid having to walk across the salt flats in the scorching heat. Ibiza has a well-deserved reputation as the iconic Mediterranean canary island, but it also caters to those who prefer to soak up the sun without becoming tanned.

Cabo Pino Beach

Cabo pino beach

Cabo Pino has always had a well-deserved reputation in recent years, and for a good cause. This popularity has only grown recently. Typically, this beach is one of Spain’s most incredible nudist beaches because of its convenient location, which is just 13 kilometres away from Marbella and has first-rate amenities and services.

The water is very high quality, the beaches are sandy, and it is feasible to avoid being seen by those who may otherwise be nosy on vacation. Even though this nude beach in Spain is bustling, you can relax at the Cabo de gata spot where you can enjoy peace.

Cala De l’Home Mort

This nude beach in Spain is available to nudists and anybody who is a member of the LGBTQ community. The small, tucked-away region is very pebbly, but the tranquil waves, beautiful skies and beach bar more than makeup for it.

You’ll need to descend from the Terramar Hotel to Cala de l’Home Mort, also known as “dead man’s beach,” which will take around 15 minutes. Whether you want to wear clothes or not, lather on the sunscreen, hire a beach chair with an umbrella and enjoy some beverages and good company.

Playa de Ses Illetes

The Playa de Ses Illetes is a slight stretch of sand consistently ranked as one of the best European beaches due to its powder-white sands and clear, tranquil seas. Being one of the most well-known beaches on Formentera, it is frequented by many tourists, the vast majority of whom are day-trippers from Ibiza. This beach welcomes anyone who chooses not to cover themselves in clothes and is known as a popular destination for nudists.

Arrive early in the morning to avoid the crush of people later on. If you are low budget person, remember to bring your refreshments since the charges are very high in the few restaurants available.

El Muerto Beach

El Muerto is a quiet and lonely beach in the Andalucian region of Granada. This beach is surrounded on three sides by rugged hills and is covered with sand and gravel. The seclusion of this beach, 225 metres long, is one of its most appealing features. Playa Cotobro, located nearby, will need to be traversed on foot to reach your destination.

You will have access to a shower and a small shop offering beverages and snacks, which you may rent, along with an umbrella and sun loungers. This beach only achieves a medium occupancy during the warmer months, so you won’t have trouble finding a space at this small nudist paradise even if you visit during those times.

Bolonia Beach

Bolonia beach is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning in all of Spain. This beach is situated 17 kilometres away from the city of Tarifa and looks out into the Moroccan city of Tangier. The fact that this is one of the few pristine beaches still easily accessible in the region is most likely one of the reasons why those who engage in topless, nudism and naturism value it so highly. This nudist beach is over four kilometres long and will please those passionate about the outdoors.

Cala Estreta

Nudist beach spain

On the Spanish peninsula, in the Catalonia area known as Costa Brava, you will find a beach known as Cala Estreta, exclusive to nudists. The sand has a gorgeous golden colour, although it has a grainy texture. This beach is in a secluded place frequented nearly entirely by nudists because of its distant location.

If you travel from Calella de Palafrugell to Palamós, you may get to Cala Estreta by following the coastal walk. Because there are no amenities at the beach, you should travel into Palamos to indulge in a delectable seafood feast when you have finished working on your all-over tan.

La Tejita Beach

Tejita beach nudist spain

This beach is ideal for regaining a sense of harmony with the natural world. La Tejita beach is situated near El Médano, in Granadilla de Abona, next to the magnificent volcanic cone of Montaa Roja.

Young people and those interested in water sports searching for a vacation beach away from the masses of tourists have made La Tejita a popular destination because its natural state has remained the same. This beach is open to nudists and is also a one-of-a-kind location to take in the natural beauty of its surroundings due to the beautiful views of the Monta Roja, an ancient reddish-brown volcanic crater.

Punta Candor Beach

The only beach in the area where topless bathing, nudism and naturism are permitted is the naturist beach of Punta Candor, which is situated not far from Rota. Punta Candor beach is located in the middle of a natural park, and as a result, it has been left in its original state.

This beach also has dunes that are ideal for nudists. However, swimming is neither advised nor impossible since the waves are rough and the bottom is quite rocky. This nudist beach has maintained its natural character and provides free parking for visitors.

Vera Playa

Vera Playa is located in Andalucia, Spain, and is widely regarded as the premier location for nudists in Spain. The area is filled with hotels and restaurants that welcome nudists. This beach is ideal for people who want to strip down to their underwear and remain that way for the whole day.

This beach is popular throughout the year due to the mild climate typical of the Mediterranean. As a result of the area’s popularity, Vera Playa is surrounded by a variety of restaurants, stores and cafes, ensuring that you will always have options for where to dine.

Playa del Ambolo

Playa del Ambolo is a narrow beach backed by a relatively high cliff. The vast majority of tourists that come here choose not to cover their bodies, with many being drawn in by the raw and unspoiled character of the area as well as the rocky bottom, which makes for excellent snorkelling.

Since the boardwalk leading to Playa del Ambolo is now in a state of deterioration, you will need to climb over rocks and boulders to reach the headland above the beach. This beach is located in the province of Valencia, although it is quite near the border with Alicante and is just a short drive away from Benidorm.

Lloret de Mar Beach

nudist beach spain lloret

Another breathtaking stretch of the Costa Brava, Cala de Sa Boadella, is the Lloret de Mar’s “virgin beach.” The beach is deserted and is concealed from view by hills and trees that are a vivid shade of green. Between Santa Clotilde Gardens and Santa Cristina Beach is where you’ll find this stunning pine forest that you may walk through to get there. The waters are brilliant blue, and they are relatively shallow within the first several metres.

Snorkelling and kayaking are two activities that are perfect for this beach. Natural caverns are plentiful in the region of Costa Brava, particularly farther out into its seas. A portion of the beach is open to nudists, despite the fact that the whole beach is not a nudist beach.

Illa Roja Beach

Illa Roja beach is considered one of the nudist paradises along the Costa Brava and one of the most iconic spots along the coast of Begur. Due to the beach’s high popularity with visitors from other countries who engage in nudism, the celebrations of Naturism Day have even been held there.

A little islet dominates this stunning natural area with a reddish hue, which is also the source of the beach’s name. Also, this beach can be accessed on foot through a trail that runs down the shore.

Vallpresona Beach

Although Vallpresona beach is a part of Santa Cristina d’Aro, it is located quite a ways away from the town. This beach is situated in the region between Sant Feliu de Guixols and the limit of Tossa de Mar. Suppose you are going to have to use the route that connects the two towns to get to the beach. You will have to park one kilometre from the beach since there is no specifically designed car park.

This place is a natural area created mainly by rocks and is often relatively quiet with people. This nude beach in Spain has a fantastic spot for individuals who want to get away from beaches with a lot of people on them.

Sa Boadella Beach

Sa boadella beach nudist

Sa Boadella is the sole sparsely populated beach in the Lloret de Mar area. This beach is tucked away in a quiet corner, and the only way to get there is via a pine forest sandwiched between the Santa Clotilde Gardens and the Santa Cristina beach. Sa Boadella is the perfect place to spend your time on the Costa Brava since it has emerald-coloured waves, golden sand and the peace of being in an area that is not heavily travelled.

As you go further into the water, the bottom changes from being relatively flat and shallow within the first few metres to being dotted with boulders, caverns and natural caves. Sa Boadella beach is the perfect location to spend the day with your loved ones engaging in water sports like snorkelling or kayaking. A solution that is both beautiful and serene, located only a few metres from the more popular beaches of Fenals and Gran.

This beach has baths and a bar and restaurant that offers a variety of beverages, ice cream and foods to choose from. Nudism is permitted in the portion of the beach located farthest from the access road.

Parting Words

Nudism is becoming an increasingly popular choice. As you can see, Spain has several beaches reserved exclusively for nudists whether you are vacationing in the Canary Islands or along the coasts of the mainland. If you are travelling to Spain for the first time, you should talk to some residents about the best places to go naked and relax in the great outdoors.

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