“After 3 years living as a nomad I am proud to present my first novel, a suspense thriller set in Southeast Asia.  Parts of the storyline and many of the characters were based on experiences during my journey around the world.  I hope you enjoy it.”

David Lee Corley


How to travel the world as a photographer or videographer

If you have an eye for composition and a steady hand, plus a little marketing sense, you can travel the world as a photographer or videographer.  I did and still do.  As a nomad I continually  travel around the world.  Part of my income is produced by what I shoot,...

Oslo vs Stockholm vs Copenhagen; Which is best?

I love Scandinavia.  The air is clean and crisp.  The people are nice and straightforward.  There is a ton to see and do.  And, hey, this is where the vikings would hangout after plundering and pillaging the rest of Europe.  It must be cool, right?!  Plus, I was...

Lubeck and Hamburg; The Perfect German Couple

When I plan my journeys, I look for variety. A little of this… a little of that. Lubeck and Hamburg, Germany make a great pairing, like the perfect wine for a great meal. Lubeck is small and quaint, while Hamburg is big with lots to see and do. The best part is that...

How to write while traveling the world

If you have writing talent you can turn it into cash while traveling. And I am not just talking about blogging about your adventures (although blogging can be lucrative if done right). There are dozens if not hundreds of ways to make money using your laptop’s keyboard...

Are RTW airline tickets really worth it?

Flights are one of the top three expenses a nomad will encounter in their journeys.  Flights can be especially expensive if they are frequent or overseas.  Continent-hopping can also be expensive if not handled with some thought.  Of course there are ways to save. ...

Why I became a nomad

I wanted to live in the real world… and I wanted to see it all. The whole enchilada. My world. I started making a plan. A list of countries and things that I wanted to see. There was Angkor in Cambodia, Petra in Jordan, the fjords of Norway, the great wall and the forbidden city in China… It was a really long list. It would take years to see it all, maybe a lifetime.